I Want To Overcome My Fear Of Public Speaking

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I Want To Overcome My Fear Of Public Speaking


How successful we are at selling ourselves, our products and our services depend on our ability to stand up and be heard. Most of us know that. What often prevents us from telling our story successfully is not our inability to articulate what we do, or how strongly we believe in the value of what we offer. Instead, it is simply the fear of speaking in front of an audience. Being nervous while presenting can put a dent in your credibility and have an adverse effect on achieving your business goals.

A little bit of anxiety as you prepare for a big speech or presentation is common. Even the most experienced speakers in the world get a small amount of anxiety before they get on stage or speak in front of a large group. You should never expect yourself to be completely anxiety free. What you need is for that anxiety to fuel you into giving a great speech, not hold you back from speaking.

While a little bit of stage fright can help you – like a cup of coffee wakes you up – too much adrenaline produces some trouble.

Stage fright isn’t always appreciated when it becomes the intense fear of public speaking – also known as Glossophobia – a so-called common phobia. It can range from slight nervousness to paralyzing fear and panic. Many of those people with a fear of public speaking, therefore, avoid public speaking situations altogether. Others suffer through the speech with shaking hands and a quivering voice. For some, this becomes better with each time they repeat it, while others still suffer after years of practicing. If this is the case: Get support. If you can’t overcome your fear with practice alone, consider seeking specific professional help. Public speaking anxiety is one of the most common fears shared amongst most of the general population, and unfortunately even these days few people know the tools necessary to overcome this fear. Hypnotherapy and even better Hypnobalancing™ can be your successful treatment for reducing and even letting go the intense fear of public speaking.

Some nervousness or anxiety in certain situations is normal, and public speaking is no exception. Known as performance anxiety, other examples include stage fright, test anxiety, and writer’s block, those are common experiences. However, people with severe, debilitating performance anxiety that includes anxiety in other social situations may have a social anxiety disorder (social phobia).

When your fear of public speaking overwhelms you, you need help.





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