Is stage fright the same as social anxiety disorder?

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Is stage fright the same as social anxiety disorder?


A bit of anxiety in front of an audience is a common experience but severe stage fright, also known as performance anxiety, can be diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder if a number of criteria are met. For example, in case you nearly always experience physical symptoms in the feared situation, and the fear severely impacts your daily functioning.

Usually, stage fright is diagnosed with specific social anxiety disorder rather than generalized social anxiety disorder because it is a fear of only one or a few specific social or performance situations. Good news: Specific social anxiety disorder is generally more easily overcome than generalized social anxiety disorder because it is usually less severe and less chronic.

In some cases, stage fright, also known as performance anxiety, may be a part of a larger pattern of social phobia or social anxiety disorder, but many people experience stage fright without any wider problems.




How to overcome stage fright


Learning to improve your speaking or performance skills is good, but it’s generally not enough to substantially reduce your fear of public speaking. You have to address and revise any negative perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, images, and predictions related to public speaking or performing. And it’s often helpful to uncover the deeper fears related to being seen and heard by others, showing vulnerability, and is considered less than perfect. Learning to accept yourself and not feeling that you have to prove yourself to others is at the root of healing.

I recommend that you learn skills to reduce and manage your fear and anxiety and not resort to using medication alone. It’s also critical to learn techniques to stop the cycle of avoiding fearful situations. Avoidance may give you immediate relief, but it reinforces your fear in the long run. Avoidance is what stabilizes a phobia.

If you are willing to stop avoiding your fears and learn new skills to reduce and manage them, I will help you to develop an empowering belief and trust in yourself. In facing your fear, it becomes possible to overcome intense stage fright and performance anxiety and to find comfort and ease in expressing yourself in front of others.

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How to overcome stage fright

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