There are a lot of fears and phobias that I get consulted about:

  • Spiders – Arachnophobia
  • Open spaces – Agorophobia
  • Water – Hydrophobia
  • Enclosed spaces – Claustrophobia
  • Fear of snakes – Ophidiophobia
  • Flying – aviatopophobia
  • Crowds – Demophobia
  • Being judged – Social Phobia, or Scopophobia
  • Darkness – Nyctophobia
  • Dentists – Odontophobia
  • Speaking in public – Glossophobia
  • Needles – Aichmophobia
  • Death or dying – Thanatophobia
  • Heights – Acrophobia
  • Being sick – Emetophobia or Emetephobia
  • Urinating in front of others – toilet anxiety or toilet phobia
  • Defecating, stools and losing bowel control – Coprophobia, or Corporophobia


Sometimes I get telephone calls or emails with the question if I have heard about this specific type of fear before. Most of the times I can say „Yes!“ and other times I am surprised. Truth is that the list of fears and phobias is endless. People can be fearful of anything in their thoughts and lives so please don’t think that I can’t help you if your fear or phobia is not listed on this website. If your fear or phobia is having a negative impact upon you, or if it is limiting your full participation in life, or if your fear or phobia is becoming more severe and is beginning to dominate your life then it is probably time to do something about it and take steps to rid yourself of your fear or phobia.