Psychotherapy for anxiety - sessions via telephone or online with video

Hypnotherapy and Hypnobalancing™

Sessions via telephone and Internet with video


Sometimes a personal face-to-face meeting is not possible or ideal for other reasons. I am offering online sessions for many years. They have proven very successful.






Sessions via telephone and Internet


Online sessions are much more than a substitute for face-to-face meetings, they have their characteristics and special potentials. That is why I have also been using online sessions with video support for many years. They are just as effective as face-to-face meetings.




Advantages compared to sessions in the office


A pleasant journey to and from the session can be very enriching to tune in and reflect. But time is not always available for this. With online sessions you save this effort, you can tune in suitably and make yourself comfortable at the place of your choice. Afterward, you can let the session resonate in the way that is best for you.




The solution and recommendations


Online sessions can be very intensive and do not require a master’s degree in computer science. Since I have been conducting telephone sessions and online sessions for many years, I have developed processes to make it as comfortable and effective for you as possible. The video and especially the audio quality is remarkable with an adequate bandwidth.




It does not get more personal than this


I recommend the use of comfortable headphones because then my voice is even closer to you. For the practical part, provide yourself with a sheltered place to lie down and relax with a soft flat pillow under your head and, if necessary, another one under your knees.






You can use a desktop computer or notebook, such as a Windows computer or a Mac for the session, a tablet PC, or an iPad. During the session, you usually keep your eyes closed anyway, so a smartphone is also great for this. For this part of the session, the camera is best pointed so that I can easily see your breathing and reactions on the neck and face. This is best achieved with the camera position slightly elevated and from the side.







The session is conducted through a provider that complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation. A current version of the Chrome or Firefox browsers is recommended for this. On iOS devices, Safari is recommended. The installation of additional software is not required.






You will receive the link to the virtual meeting room at the latest after receipt of the fee. You will also receive a set of recommendations for preparation before the first session. We will discuss everything else during the first online session. This is how we ensure an online session that moves you forward.

Be sure to read the following notice


Before contacting me, please read the detailed information about fees, booking, contraindications to hypnotherapy and answers to other frequently asked questions (FAQ).

These pages are intended to provide information for those interested in psychotherapy using hypnotherapy. It is not intended to replace psychotherapy or personal consultation, examination or diagnosis by a licensed medical practitioner. I am not a medical doctor. I specialize in helping people with anxiety and anxiety disorders. The profession of a hypnotherapist (official license to practice psychotherapy according to the HPG) is fundamentally different from that of a medical doctor. Medical diagnoses are not made, nor are promises of healing made or medication prescribed. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric intervention where this is required.

If you have any questions about psychotherapy with hypnosis, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to inform you.




Do you charge for missed sessions?

Do you charge for missed sessions?

  How about a missed session?   Yes, I charge for missed sessions. Sessions need to be regarded with priority from both participants in order to be of lasting value. Late cancellations and no-shows are not respectful to the therapist's time, result in...

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What does therapy cost?

What does therapy cost?

Costs   I charge on an hourly basis. The initial session lasts typically 90 minutes and the ongoing therapy sessions 60 minutes.What does hypnotherapy cost?   People often ask, "How much does hypnotherapy cost?" What is meant by this are the presumed total...

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  Contraindication   Patient characteristics might contraindicate the use of hypnosis. This is a controversial subject. Different experts have varying opinions about the appropriate uses of hypnosis. I tend to be more conservative than some other experienced...

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Is hypnosis safe?

Is hypnosis safe?

Is hypnosis safe?   In over two hundred years of recorded hypnosis history, there is no documented case of anyone being hurt with hypnosis. As long as you read the details about contraindication hypnosis is as safe as daydreaming! Be sure to read the following...

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