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Fear of Flying


The fear of flying is one of the most common phobias. Even though this anxiety can seem irrational to us, our unconscious mind may create anxiety as it thinks it is protecting us. Protecting us is the primary function of our unconscious mind, and as flying is essentially an unnatural thing for people to do, this reaction is not surprising. However, in reality, flying has been proven to be one of the safest ways to travel.

The most anxious flyers tend to be people who’ve had a frightening experience during a flight. But many of my clients didn’t remember such an experience. Fear of flying can affect anyone, regardless of age, status, gender and intelligence, and is not a sign of weakness. Some people, even frequent flyers, develop a fear of flying gradually, yet others succumb to those fears before ever setting foot on an airplane for the first time.

Such fears can come about during a flight, or even well before a person gets to the airport. Often, the source of the fear has little or nothing to do with the risks associated with the flight.

There are many aspects of flying that can create anxiety, such as fearing the plane will crash, claustrophobia, being out of control, fear of having a panic attack and fear of terrorism. Being asked what my clients fear the most when they think about flying, it is not primarily the fear of crashing what they fear most.

Every person responds to fear of flying differently. Fear of flying can range from mild anxiety before flying, to a state of terror which can prevent an individual from getting on the plane or even leaving it once they have boarded.

A common reaction is to avoid flying as much as possible while others suffer. In many cases, they plan vacations and trips closer to home so that they don’t have to travel for so long.

For some people, the fear of flying starts well before they even step onto an aircraft. Being at the airport or boarding a plane may create anxiety for some people. Some get anticipatory anxiety a few hours before a flight, others experience it days or even weeks before a scheduled flight.

Many people who experience anxiety when flying are likely to self-medicate using either alcohol or an over the counter pill to control their symptoms.

Some use prescription medications; others use a drug-free behavioral technique, such as Hypnobalancing, to manage their anxiety.

Having a fear of flying can often interfere with holidays or business travel and lead to an individual avoiding a career involving travel or a family holiday abroad.





Hypnotherapy and Hypnobalancing™ in Berlin


Hypnotherapy helped many individuals suffering from a fear of flying. Using hypnoanalysis to discover the root cause of the fear can then enable the issue to be dealt with. Hypnosis can be used to communicate with the unconscious mind and re-evaluate thinking patterns and behavior. Hypnotherapy helps to relax and access a calm, focused state of mind to help control their fear.





Reasons for the fear of flying


Being asked what my clients fear the most when they think about flying, it is not primarily the fear of crashing what they fear most.

They mention:

  • Heights
  • The speed and physical motion of an aircraft
  • Sitting too close to other people for too long
  • The enclosed spaces with the low ceiling height of an aircraft
  • The excessive noise of the engines
  • Being trapped; the thought not being able to leave the situation
  • The sensation of ear popping or sinus pain
  • Traveler’s thrombosis
  • The smell of jet fuel
  • Not understanding the reasons for all the strange actions, sounds and sensation in the plane
  • Catching a cold or flu from other passengers
  • Depending on someone else
  • Inability to smoke tobacco
  • Not feeling in control
  • A lack of oxygen
  • Terrorism like 9/11





Smokers seem to be predisposed to anxiety during flight


Many people feel anxious when flying. Tobacco smokers seem to be predisposed to anxiety during a flight. Smoking is banned on most commercial flights, and simplified; tobacco relaxes smokers. Therefore and because it is an addiction, without the ability to smoke, anxiety can build quickly. For some smokers, a flight can truly become a horrible nightmare.

When smoking is so limiting, how about smoking cessation?

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Self-hypnosis has helped many patients with stress. Many sufferers usually report very quickly a noticeable improvement. Pondering, fears, mental and physical tension can be additionally reduced by self-hypnosis. Therefore, I teach my patients self-hypnosis to supplement the hypnosis sessions.

After positive trance experiences have been made with my support, self-hypnosis can be learned very quickly. This helps them to progress self-determined outside the therapy. It accelerates the process, deepens and consolidates the achievements. This also promotes the independence of the clients. A good therapist will be superfluous as soon as possible. Self-hypnosis is an excellent self-help method that can be used beyond the actual topic.

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