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Smoking Cessation With Hypnosis In Berlin


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

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Hypnosis and the way to be free from tobacco


You think about quit smoking and wonder how hypnosis can support you?

Let me tell you that after years of helping people to quit smoking I have been told later by former clients that they benefited – not only directly from the cessation – but additionally from regaining trust in themselves.




Are you ready for the next step?


Are you ready to stop smoking and want to take hypnotherapy with Hypnobalancing ™?
Then you can arrange an appointment immediately. Otherwise, you will find more information here to help you make the decision.





The effectiveness of hypnosis to give up smoking


Depending on which research you read there are different success rates mentioned when hypnosis is used to quit smoking. But this is not the relevant point because every hypnotherapist is different.

The three-phase process mentioned below relies completely on the integrity of the client’s decision to cease. Hypnosis is a very effective way to make it much easier to reach this goal. It supports your process by opening the doors – and it’s you who must go through.

My observations indicate that the success rate is comparable with other methods when there is only a single session. The developed three-phase process, with an average of three sessions, allows considerably higher success rates with more than 8 of 10 remaining non-smokers after a year.

Many of my clients have already made several attempts with different methods. Use the experiences from the earlier experiments and learn from the partial successes. This will make it easier for you to finally get rid of smoking.

Let us work together to find out what you really need to do to help you achieve your goals with proven weaning methods. Hypnotherapy with Hypnobalancing ™ strengthens your will!

Wichtig: Auch der Einsatz von Hypnose, erfordert Ihre Entscheidung, sich vom Rauchen befreien zu wollen. Dann bekommen Sie eine Unterstützung, die es Ihnen deutlich erleichtert. Viele Klienten sind besonders darüber erstaunt, dass sie während der Entwöhnung sehr gute Laune haben, während sie bei vorherigen Anläufen übellaunig waren.




Advantages of Hypnobalancing


Everyone knows that smoking is a potentially deadly behavior. What most people don’t realize is that smoking is both a habit and an addiction and both aspects must be addressed for optimal success.

By reprogramming your subconscious mind, you will be able to remove your nicotine cravings and re-associate your habitual behavior. Many people succeed with little or no withdrawal symptoms. Customized to your specific needs, this program will give you the tools to eliminate this life-threatening addiction.

Hypnotherapy and the trance state offer a better base for many therapeutic techniques. Trance is a very natural state that I regarded as most effective for smoking cessation.

Many people who come to hypnosis to give up smoking have already tried before to quit but didn’t reach the goal. That means that there are aspects that have not been addressed in prior attempts.

It is in the three-phase process that these issues are accessed and resolved in order to succeed.




The process, duration, and price


The price is the same as for every session. The process with Hypnobalancing™ consists of three phases. There is usually one session for each phase. The first and second meeting last 90 minutes, the subsequent meetings 60 minutes.



1st phase:


Analysis of the influencing factors and resources as well as practical assistance and preparation for your day X, the day of the cessation.

We look at your previous smoking habits, your needs, and intentions associated with smoking. Step by step and with a focus on getting rid of the cigarette you develop your own new ways and perspectives.

Preparation for the day of quitting.



2nd phase:


The hypnosis session for the official farewell to the cigarette. You will be prepared at different levels to enjoy your life smoke-free.

Well prepared and in harmony with yourself, you say goodbye to smoking, welcome and enjoy the regained freedom.

Smokers who have the first smoke within 15 minutes after waking up sometimes need an extra session with methods of EDxTM™.



3rd phase:


This step is to stabilize what has been reached and to prevent from falling back to old patterns.





How about letting go of your smoking habit?


You will see some results of quit smoking immediately.

Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette your blood pressure, pulse, body temperature of hands and feet drop to normal. Studies prove that the heart begins to heal as soon as a smoker quits smoking.

Within a very short time, the heart will begin to relax as the blood begins to thin and arteries start to heal.

After a year, the chances of heart disease drop by 50 percent. Within three years, the chances are almost equal to someone who has never smoked.

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