Fear of making decisions: (Decidophobia - decision anxiety): causes and help in Berlin

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Fear of making decisions: (Decidophobia - decision anxiety): causes and help in Berlin






The fear of decisions and the consequences


Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.

William Shakespeare


The word decidophobia is formed from the terms desidere (Latin) = decide and phobos (Greek) = fear. Every day there are countless decisions to make; Banalities and serious decisions with consequences. Many decisions are made largely from the gut, others need a little more preparation. Sometimes other people are involved in a decision. However, some people have a very hard time making decisions, they suffer from decidophobia. Decidophobia is the exaggerated fear of making decisions.




Avoidance behavior and consequences


Affected people often hesitate and argue about decisions for hours. Again and again, the pros and cons are weighed against each other and often no decision is made anyway. The doubt to make a wrong decision remains despite consideration. On the contrary, the more they think about it, the more insecure they become. They delay decisions as long as possible, in the hope that the problem will resolve itself. This complicates or even prevents partnerships.

Decisions in everyday working life are torture. The environment usually has no understanding of it. Affected people are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders, which in turn negatively affects their ability to make decisions. The quality of life is thereby very limited, which in turn can lead to depression.






The inability to make a decision usually occurs in people who also suffer from other fears.






In the classification of ICD-10 (diagnostic classification system of medicine) decidophobia is classified as a specific phobia with F40.2.




Psychotherapy for decidophobia


Therapeutically, combinations of flexible-cooperative hypnotherapy with Hypnobalancing™ and self-help techniques can be used. Hypnosis or trance intensifies the therapeutic interventions. In trance communication with the subconscious is possible and solutions are getting closer. The practice suggests that for the permanent dissolution of the human unconscious is involved. Depending on the situation, it is more or less about analytical discovery. The focus is on the solution.

Psychotherapy is a very personal matter and the form of hypnotherapy with Hypnobalancing™ is based on a trusting collaboration. Therefore, it is important that you know something more about me. Find out more about me in my profile. There you will also learn which methods are used in combination with hypnotherapy. Clarify physical causes by visiting your doctor and take note of the contraindications for hypnotherapy before making an appointment.

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