Hypnotherapy: Reality Is Even Better Than Hollywood

Hypnotherapy: Reality Is Even Better Than Hollywood

Hypnotherapy and Hypnobalancing™ in Berlin
Psychotherapy in Berlin - Specialization: Fears and Anxiety Disorders

Hypnotherapy: Reality Is Even Better Than Hollywood


The concept of hypnotherapy may conjure images of Vegas style shows and swinging pendulums, but hypnotherapy couldn’t be further from the stereotypes. Hypnotherapy bring you more control instead of less. The object of hypnosis is to give you more self-control. You can do anything while you are in a hypnotic state and actually do it better because your mind is free from distraction. You can take an exam, walk tightropes, or perform a play in a hypnotic state and be the best you’ve ever been because of your high level of focus. It supports you to gain more quality in your life. Unknowingly, most of us will have picked up some self-limiting beliefs and negative conditioning as we grew and developed either at home, school, work or just in a social environment. Hypnotherapy helps you change those beliefs.

Hypnotherapy helps the thought control process — you can change your feelings, change your thoughts, and change your behavior in any given situation. Hypnotherapy is in particular useful for replacing negative thoughts and beliefs with positive ones — it will enable you to use unconscious influence to overcome problems. You will find it easier to attain your goals without a struggle.

Reality is even better than Hollywood!


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I am specialized to help people with fears and anxiety disorders.


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