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Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point in their life. Sometimes these problems will resolve themselves but if they don’t then professional help may be required. Sexual difficulties can occur early in an individual’s life, develop suddenly after a previously satisfying sex life or develop gradually. It is important that physical factors are ruled out before hypnotherapy is sought, so consulting your physician should be your first step.

Sexuality is the most intimate area of life and contributes significantly to a person’s mental and physical well-being. Sexual difficulties are generally problems that prevent the individual or couple from enjoying sex and make sex difficult. The most common sexual problems for men are erectile impotence and premature ejaculation, and for women, failure to reach orgasm or vaginismus. Sexual dysfunctions are very common and may cause tremendous suffering. Possible causes could be fear of failure, relationship problems, negative sexual experience, or high demands on one’s sexual performance.

Hypnotherapy can help to identify and resolve the unconscious causes of sexual problems. In a hypnotic trance, new behaviors can be established which will contribute to pleasant, pleasurable and fear-free sexual experiences.




1. Typical Female Sexual Problems


Typical female sexual problems are:

  • Loss of desire
  • Orgasm problems or inability to orgasm
  • Pain during sex due to vaginal muscle spasms (vaginismus)
  • Inability to have penetrative sex
  • Fear of sex due to a traumatic episode earlier in life




2. Typical Male Sexual Problems


The most common male sexual issues in sex therapy:




Sex Therapy with Hypnotherapy


Sex therapy with hypnotherapy can you help in the following areas:

  • Lack or loss of sexual desire
  • Sexual aversion and lack of sexual satisfaction
  • Inhibitions and fears
  • Failure of genital response
  • Orgasmic disorders such as premature ejaculation


Hypnotherapy begins with a respectful and open preliminary conversation, which helps me to collect important details about the patient’s worries, wishes, needs, and expectations. These details are required for the decision on how we proceed. In a case of orgasmic dysfunction or failure of genital response, any organic illness must be excluded by a physician before hypnotherapy.

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