Job Interview Anxiety

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Job Interview Anxiety


Job interview anxiety can be a huge hurdle for those looking for work. Nerves can affect the best of us. In a job interview, you want to come across as confident, competent, and ready to go to work. But anxiety detracts from the strong, positive impression you want to make. It is also contagious because your jitters can infect and distract your interviewer, making him less able to focus on you.

However, if you suffer from social anxiety disorder, a job interview can be not only anxiety-provoking but almost impossible to get through. Not only are you required to meet strangers and talk about yourself, the strangers are also in a position of authority. You are being evaluated and judged on your appearance, your demeanor and your ability to present yourself. This is not a good combination for those with social anxiety disorder. It puts a lot of extra pressure on someone with social anxiety disorder.

When you have the typical kind of nervousness before an interview ask a coach to help you. If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, it is important to seek treatment like hypnotherapy.


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