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Internet Addiction


The internet has become an everyday part of life. For most people, the internet is a source of information and opportunity for social contacts, education and economic opportunities. With all the social media, it’s hard to survive the day without having to access the Internet in any way.

The possibilities of searching, chatting, shopping, working, playing and finding information on the internet is promising. But where there is light, there is often shadow. Some people develop a dependency.




Dependency? Lost in the net?


Dependency? In a true dependency, one becomes compulsively dependent on a particular type of stimulation to the point where getting a steady supply of that stimulation becomes the only and central focus of life. Addicts are increasingly neglecting their jobs, relationships and ultimately even their health. Some addictions develop a tolerance. With this phenomenon, more and more stimulation is required to produce the same pleasurable effect. If this does not succeed, the deficiency can lead to withdrawal symptoms and a vicious circle stabilizes.




Consequences of internet addiction


The sooner help is sought, the better the chances of a successful treatment. Often, Internet usage increases over time and the associated consequences increase. Many opportunities are blocked, for example, by bad grades. It can lead to the termination of the study, to the loss of the job and to loneliness. As a result, the Internet is often used even more often. The Internet forms the framework of life. Affected individuals find it increasingly difficult to leave the vicious circle.




Types of Internet addiction


There are many types of internet addiction, including games, gambling, shopping and pornography, all characterized by the inappropriate and excessive use of online activity.




Help with internet addiction


It is important to change the addictive or at least restrictive use of the Internet in favor of a satisfying, self-determined life.

Often it is necessary to strengthen the self-esteem and to promote a fulfilling lifestyle. During therapy, the resources of those affected are strengthened. It supports dealing with stress and negative feelings, building positive social relationships and supporting family, partners or friends.

Hypnotherapy helps to understand the circumstances and relationships. If needed, hypnosis analysis helps to clarify the cause of the addictions. The goal of hypnotherapy is to eliminate negative patterns and establish the desired new ones.

The choice of methods and results vary from person to person. The willingness to participate in treatment for internet addiction has a significant impact on success.

The Internet is used for many tasks. It is important to design constructive interaction. Total abstinence is rarely a relevant option.

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