Undervalued Self

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Undervalued Self


At home, in our romantic relationships, family relationships, with our children, and in our business lives, we constantly deal with this interplay of love and power, linking and ranking. When the two go wrong, we undervalue ourselves with consequences to our own detriment and that of everyone around us.

Because self-confidence is such a natural and basic resource, lack of self-confidence is often one of the reasons for lots of other problems and difficulties. Undervaluing yourself can lead to a self-fulfilling spiral of declining opportunities out of lack of confidence. Thereby you miss out on opportunities that might have been beneficial and miss a chance to build confidence. You may be confident in some areas of life, but less so in others. Even if you don’t undervalue yourself, you probably interact with people who do.

With hypnotherapy, you can heal the undervalued self.



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I am specialized to help people with fears and anxiety disorders.


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