Obsession means the extreme preoccupation with certain thoughts.

Obsessions can be intrusive and recurrent thoughts, ideas or impulses and they can be worrying, repulsive, obscene or blasphemous.
These thoughts, ideas or impulses are not voluntary and often invade a sufferer’s consciousness.
Obsessing over germs and dirt, nagging doubts, sexual thoughts, fear that things are not safe and having things in a particular order are common obsessions.
Most of us will have experienced the odd obsessional thought, however if these thoughts occur regularly and interfere with normal daily routines and relationships, they can cause extreme distress.

Psychotherapy with hypnotherapie can be helpful.
Hypnoanalysis may also be effective, and aims to find the root cause of the problem, and deal with the issue. Hypnoanalysis is extremely effective at resolving the underlying anxiety that drives the obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions.

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