Gephyrophobia – The Fear of Crossing Bridges

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Gephyrophobia, the Exaggerated Fear of Crossing Bridges


Gephyrophobia (bridge anxiety, gephydrophobia, gephysrophobia) is a specific phobia. As a result of this anxiety disorder, affected people avoid all opportunities to cross bridges. And that’s sometimes so restrictive that traveling is planned so thoroughly that there are no bridges on the way. If it happens anyway, sometimes even vehicles are left in front of bridges, even at high risk for themselves and other people.

The fear of crossing bridges is more widespread than is known. By the time I had some clients with this fear. It affects many people because bridges are widely used today. Bridges can be found in rural areas, on highways, in suburbs and cities. They are an integral part of our transport infrastructure. Avoiding your crossing is therefore very difficult. So life becomes very difficult for those affected at best.

Some clients tell me that they plan their travels in detail, just so they do not have to cross a bridge. Despite this planning, detours can cause the path to cross over a bridge. Most affected people managed the crossings, but they suffered very much. Some dropped out, sometimes in dire circumstances, putting themselves and others at risk.

Sometimes fear only occurs when there is a bridge to cross and sometimes the thought of it suffices. The causes are very diverse; Some sufferers report traumatic experiences. Using a combination of proven elements of hypnotherapy and Hypnobalancing, the causes can be explored, the patterns dissolved and new ones promoted.




What Causes Gephyrophobia?


As is the case with many phobias, the individual coping with Gephyrophobia may had a trauma at some time of their life. That traumatic imprint is then automatically and consistently related to crossing bridges.

Maybe the person coping with this phobia has witnessed an accident while crossing a bridge and have become stuck in traffic. Perhaps, as a child, this particular person watched the fearful, unfavorable reactions of others when confronted with crossing a bridge.

Whatever the cause, those suffering from gephyrophobia experience anxiety and emotional turmoil that may be completely disruptive to their capability to live a fulfilling life.




What Are the Symptoms of Gephyrophobia?


The signs of Gephyrophobia are individual and will vary from person to person. Some people, when confronted with their worry of crossing bridges, could begin to perspire, feel slightly uncomfortable or develop into nauseated. At the other end of the spectrum, other individuals are so severely compromised by this phobia, that they might experience paralyzing anxiousness and/or panic attacks.




Treatment of Gephyrophobia


Hypnotherapy in combination with individually selected methods and self-help techniques can achieve tangible improvements or dissolve the restriction of a gephyrophobia. If this fear limits your life, let me help you.

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