Fear of Injections, Needle Phobia, Injection Phobia

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Fear of Injections, Needle Phobia, Injection Phobia


Very few people like to get an injection. It’s still amazing how many patients I have with an exaggerated fear of injections. There are many people who are so scared of the needle of a syringe. For some people, it is not possible to get a vaccine or give a blood test. If it happens at all, then only with great agony.




Help with Needle Phobia


Restrictive conditioning can be resolved in trance with the help of hypnotherapy. Hypnobalancing helps to foster new patterns of thought. As a result, you focus more and more on pleasant aspects than on the problem and limiting thoughts, the changed focus improves the situation.

Hypnotherapy and Hypnobalancing ™ help to improve the quality of life. And through easy-to-learn techniques, personal influence is further enhanced.

Clients feel safe during the process, as they experience the appropriate accompaniment and support from their hypnotherapist in a state of comfort. Learning processes take place faster and deeper.

In particular, the deep trance in Deep Hypnobalancing ™ helps to anchor beneficial conditions and then activate them as needed.

Please remember to clarify physical causes by visiting your doctor and also note the information on contraindications for hypnotherapy before making an appointment.

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