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Emetophobia is known by many names. Sometimes it is called emetophobia, phagophobia, vomit phobia, vomitophobia, sickness phobia, fear of vomiting, fear of gagging, fear of swallowing, fear of choking, globus hystericus, but whatever you call it this condition can affect sufferers deeply. There are also a number of other fears that can be associated with a fear of being sick:

  • Gagging
  • Seeing others being sick
  • Choking on food
  • Pregnancy (due to the possibility of morning sickness)
  • Drowning
  • Social phobia


Many cases can be linked to a previous episode of vomiting, perhaps experienced in childhood. As a result, emetophobics try to avoid a recurrence of such an experience. They demonstrate intense avoidance behavior; a characteristic of many phobic conditions.

Emetophobia is a condition that appears to affect more women than men and if you are someone who suffers from emetophobia, you will know only too well that the symptoms can seriously affect and limit your ability to enjoy life to the full as this condition can have a very disabling effect on the sufferer.

Many sufferers will avoid all places where there is a possibility of themselves, or others, being sick: for example pubs, restaurants, clubbing, eating in front of others. Due to the link between eating and potentially being sick, many sufferers are a little obsessive about what, where and with who they will eat. Many view the act of being sick as extremely horrible. So it is quite common for emetophobic to also have fears of other situations where they might feel the same way like going to the toilet or even just being a little bit sweaty.





Hypnosis and Hypnobalancing


There is a lot of work to do with your hypnotherapist – but there is no other field where success is so often reported by my clients in mostly only a few sessions. Hypnosis is a very effective way to make it much easier not only to deal with – but also to let go of your fears.

At first hypnotherapy aids relaxation, and builds confidence, it also lowers anxiety levels.

Many people have been able to erase with Hypnobalancing™ all traces of irrational fear, phobia, and panic attacks from their system, using a powerful hypnosis phobia treatment. Now they’re enjoying the utmost happiness and fulfillment.

The goal is to help you to fully resolve all issues relating to your fear of being sick, leaving you free to lead a life without symptoms in the future. It will also provide you with a greater sense of self; it will boost self-confidence and self-esteem; it will help you build on your self-belief and you will find yourself being calm, self-assured and confident in situations where previously you may have experienced your most severe symptoms. A  bonus is that hypnosis is wonderfully relaxing and reduces stress levels.

I realized it many times that when clients speak to me that it may be the first time they have discussed their fear of being sick. A session with a professional therapist will help you to feel at ease so that you feel comfortable and free to talk about your symptoms in a safe and friendly environment. I understand how difficult it can be to talk about emetophobia and to seek help, but if you would like to rid yourself of emetophobia and resolve any related emotional issues forever, I am confident that hypnotherapy with Hypnobalancing can help you.

I have substantial experience of helping people to rid themselves of emetophobia and related symptoms using 6 Phase Hypnobalancing and find that symptoms usually disappear within 8 sessions even though sometimes it can take up to 15 sessions to completely resolve issues.

Psychotherapy is a very personal matter. Hypnotherapy with Hypnobalancing ™ is based on a trusting collaboration. Therefore, it is important that you first know who I am. Read my profile. There you will also learn which methods are used in combination with hypnotherapy.

Please remember to clarify physical causes by visiting a doctor and note the information on contraindications for hypnotherapy before making an appointment.





Duration of therapy


The first therapy session usually has a duration of 90 minutes, follow-up sessions can also be 60 minutes long. The number of sessions required is as diverse as the personalities and experiences of the clients. The treatment of an emetophobia requires an average of 6 to 12 sessions. This can usually be assessed by the patients after the second session.

Some clients travel from further afield to Berlin. To make it easy for them it is possible to reserve 2 sessions on one day and also on the following days. It is in a telephone interview to clarify whether this is a recommended option. Any source of additional pressure should be considered in the interest of therapeutic success.






Emetophobia and the struggle of motherhood


The fear of being sick – called emetophobia – receives little attention compared with other irrational fears, yet it is a more common phobia than most people know.

Nobody likes vomit or vomiting – at least most people don’t. Emetophobia is the intense fear of vomiting or of being around others who are vomiting. It is a common phobia, even though most people never heard about it. It is an extremely debilitating and disabling condition. People with emetophobia are dominated by irrational thoughts and actions. Emetophobia can frequently lead to other disorders, such as agoraphobia, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. In the worst cases, sufferers can become afraid of eating, which sometimes leads to an incorrect diagnosis of anorexia. Emetophobes go to great lengths to avoid being sick. Some sufferers are actually able physically to prevent themselves from ever vomiting by fighting feelings of nausea until they subside.

Especially many of my female clients had such extreme emetophobia that they deprived themselves of the opportunity of motherhood, a choice many of them later regret. For many having children wasn’t even an option because they couldn’t bear the thought of morning sickness. Others decided to become parents but it was a hard time for them.

I have treated many emetophobic and people with symptoms of emetophobia and the fear of being sick at my hypnotherapy clinic in Berlin. Most sufferers are female who have had symptoms since their youth. Some have wasted years avoiding situations where either they or someone around them could become ill. Because of the extreme lengths they go to avoid sickness, most of my clients have not been sick since childhood.

The choice of therapy to help you to let go of your fear of being sick depends on just how much the problem is affecting your day-to-day life, and also how long you have been suffering from the problem. Learn more about psychotherapy to treat emetophobia.

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Self-hypnosis has helped many patients with stress. Many sufferers usually report very quickly a noticeable improvement. Pondering, fears, mental and physical tension can be additionally reduced by self-hypnosis. Therefore, I teach my patients self-hypnosis to supplement the hypnosis sessions.

After positive trance experiences have been made with my support, self-hypnosis can be learned very quickly. This helps them to progress self-determined outside the therapy. It accelerates the process, deepens and consolidates the achievements. This also promotes the independence of the clients. A good therapist will be superfluous as soon as possible. Self-hypnosis is an excellent self-help method that can be used beyond the actual topic.

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