Speeches and Performance Under Pressure: Blocked by Performance Anxiety?

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Speeches and Performance Under Pressure: Blocked by Performance Anxiety?

Speeches and Performance Under Pressure


Blocked by Performance Anxiety?


Performance anxiety is a fairly broad term. For some of my clients, it refers to the ability to perform well under pressure in sports, making a presentation, or excelling in public. For others, it refers to sexual performance, where those that have anxiety tend to worry about how they’ll perform to such a degree that they either experience some type of sexual dysfunction or fail to enjoy their sexual experiences. These anxiety types have few things in common. This article will focus on speeches and performance under pressure.

Performance anxiety can be a serious problem. It can create other types of anxiety, including social anxiety, and in some cases it can be a symptom of other anxiety disorders that bleed in to your confidence in social situations.




How to overcome performance anxiety?


An important part of reducing performance anxiety in public situations is practicing. The more and longer you practice the more these performances become instinctual. Artists and speaker with stage fright that struggle under pressure are more likely to perform the more they experience the pressure filled situations. Those that are afraid of public speaking tend to improve when they have performed numerous speaking events. This is true for many people but not for everyone.

A big part of how we address these issues comes from self-talk. Often the problem with this type of performance anxiety is that the mind tends to focus on the negative, and tell itself worst case scenarios. We need to address the way we feel about our performance so that we are not sidelined by mistakes or stressed over the potential to make them. With the best intend some articles will tell you that you only need positive thinking to solve your performance anxiety. This works only for a few people because when the fear is deep rooted in the unconscious you have to address it directly. Therefore it needs profound therapeutic work to let go of those limiting beliefs, habits and sometimes traumatic experiences from the past.

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