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A sex or fetish addiction


A sex or fetish addiction can be compulsive and all-consuming. It can take over your life, in fact. Are your preoccupations with sex or fetishes preventing you from having healthy relationships with real, authentic intimacy? Do your obsessions take the place of feelings of loneliness, sadness, shame, or depression? Are you being deceitful and dishonest to your partner and yourself? Obtaining treatment is vital.




How do you know if your preoccupation with sex has become addictive?


How do you know if your preoccupation with sex has become addictive?

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Generally, sexually obsessive symptoms can have ripple effects:

  • Guilt about the addiction
  • Lying or keeping secrets
  • Loss of control
  • Feeling depressed
  • Anxiety or irritability when you can’t satisfy urges or cravings
  • Urges to act irresponsibly or to do things that are illegal or immoral in order to satisfy compulsions
  • Neglecting relationships, work, finances, and other commitments in favor of indulging in the addiction






There are ways to approach sexual addictions and fetishes. And, a qualified therapist can help a sex addict prevent sex addiction relapse as well, with tailored and focused counseling.

A combination of therapeutic methods can help you overcome your sex or fetish addiction.

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