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Psychotherapy in Berlin - Specialization: Fears and Anxiety Disorders



Rapport is the presence of harmony, trust, and cooperation in relationship and rapport is the process of establishing and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and understanding between two or more people. Rapport is the ability to generate responses from another person.

Rapport in hypnotherapy refers to the communication between the hypnotist and the subject before trance work has commenced and during the trance work.

A good sense of rapport between the client and the hypnotherapist is essential for a successful hypnosis session since the client may otherwise resist the therapy.

NOACK Praxis für Angsttherapie Berlin
Specialized treatment for anxiety disorders with hypnotherapy
Budapester Straße 39
10787 Berlin

Before contacting me, please read the detailed information on fees, booking, contraindications of hypnotherapy, and the answers to other common questions (FAQ).

Phone 030 – 864 213 69

Information about Hypnotherapy in Berlin.

I am specialized to help people with fears and anxiety disorders.


These pages are intended to provide information to those interested in psychotherapy with hypnotherapy. They are neither intended to replace psychotherapy nor a personal consultation, examination or diagnosis by a licensed physician.

I am not a medical doctor. There are no medical diagnoses, no promises of cures or medication. Any necessary medical or psychiatric treatment should never be replaced by psychotherapy and hypnotherapeutic work.

If you have questions about psychotherapy with hypnosis, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to inform you.

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