Emotions are mental and bodily states that typically comprise a constellation of physiological, behavioural and psychological processes that follow the appraisal or evaluation of a situation or event as relevant to the individual’s goals.

Emotions are functional in our lives, but too much or too little of any of these can be a problem.

The emotions that have been most widely agreed upon and included in almost all modern lists of basic emotions are:

  • Sadness
    The emotion that facilitates the process of mourning, enabling
    us to accept loss.
  • Happiness
    The emotion that encourages us to repeat things that make us feel good.
  • Anger
    The mention that leads us to destructive behavior.
  • Fear
    The emotion that protects us from real or potential dangers.
  • Disgust
    The emotion that makes us reject what we do not like.
  • Surprise
    The emotion that helps to orient us when faced with a new situation.



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