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Psychotherapy in Berlin - Specialization: Fears and Anxiety Disorders

Dissociation means the loss of feeling in different areas of the body like the arms and legs, while in the state of hypnosis; being more aware of mind than of body. It also means a splitting off of the self so as to protect the mind from something undesirable. A hypnotized client can then distance himself from an otherwise disturbing event.

In hypnotherapy, dissociation can be used to make it easier to deal with otherwise painful emotions. This is commonly achieved by suggesting that the client can see themselves in the third person – often on a TV or cinema screen.

NOACK Praxis für Angsttherapie Berlin
Specialized treatment for anxiety disorders with hypnotherapy
Budapester Straße 39
10787 Berlin

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Information about Hypnotherapy in Berlin.

I am specialized to help people with fears and anxiety disorders.


These pages are intended to provide information to those interested in psychotherapy with hypnotherapy. They are neither intended to replace psychotherapy nor a personal consultation, examination or diagnosis by a licensed physician.

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