Burnout and Stress Relief

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Burnout and stress relief


Why use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to deal with or even prevent stress?

Burnout and stress relief


Stress has always been a part of our daily lives, beginning with the fight or flight response we inherited from our early ancestors. Many of our stresses are merely natural everyday responses to situations where our bodies react in a simulated way. This type of stress could be viewed as positive or necessary stress because without it, we would probably lead quite inactive, dull, and directionless lives. Although these feelings are a natural part of living in society, how one deals with these feelings can be the difference between a healthy individual or one that is overcome by stress.




Stress symptoms


Stress can manifest itself physically, mentally, and emotionally and if allowed, can consume a person’s life.




Triggers for stress


There is a limitless number of triggers for stress, however, the following are generally accepted as being in the top dozen: any sort of loss, from bereavement, divorce, and separation to a child leaving home; long-term illness and disability; marriage; moving house; a new job; holidays and work.




Level of stress


We all have our own level of stress, including negative stress, which is manageable for us. This level will vary from person to person and is dependent upon a number of factors, for example, self-confidence and self-esteem, stability of lifestyle and relationships, unresolved issues from our past.




Hypnotherapy and Hypnobalancing™ in Berlin


Why use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to deal with or even prevent stress? Because hypnotherapy has proven throughout the years to help with reducing stress. Hypnosis helps to trigger the body’s relaxation response; the opposite of the fight or flight response which is usually triggered by stressful situations.

When a person worries or is stressed out, it affects the heart rate, blood pressure, digestive function, and increases adrenalin. But during a stress reduction hypnotherapy session, all of those same bodily functions return to normal. A good stress reduction session can teach people how to handle situations they would normally find stressful or challenging. Hypnobalancing assists you to alleviate any unnecessary stress and anxiety which governs your life.

By recognizing the signs and symptoms of excessive stress and their triggers, you can begin to relax and allow yourself to handle stress, while ultimately learning how to enjoy life.

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