Fear is a Despot

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Fear is a Despot


Fear is a tyrant and a despot, more terrible than the rack, more potent than the snake.

Edgar Wallace (The Clue of the Twisted Candle)


Fear is a normal and natural part of life, without which our chances of survival would be greatly diminished. When it is temporary, it can be helpful. But when it takes over, it can interfere with essential elements of a fulfilling life. When fears are irrational, persistent, or intense, our level of happiness and our ability to function can be compromised.

Fear is a signal that our well-being is threatened. Fear alerts the brain of an actual threat and tangible danger. If this is the case, fear tells us that it is time to act. But sometimes, we are afraid when there is really no threat. Fear should trigger us to a moment of introspection where we can respond to the fear in the manner that is appropriate. When the fear is derived from a situation in which there isn’t any danger, this is oftentimes, nay all the time, an opportunity for growth in an area where we’re unsure of our abilities.

Irrational fears may be covering over deeper fears and needs that we can discover and examine in therapy. Persistent anxieties and phobias, which can be terrifying and debilitating, can be overcome through the work of hypnotherapy.

Sometimes, we may feel afraid but we are not certain why, or we are don’t know whether our fears are realistic. Therapy can help clarify these issues.

Therapy can address the fears by empowering the client, to see more options, allowing to transform the behaviors and engage in new behaviors. That will reduce the likelihood of fears. Therapy helps clients to recognize triggers and teaches them skills for managing fear when it arises.

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