Compulsive Shopping Addiction

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Compulsive Shopping Addiction

Compulsive Shopping Addiction


Shopping can be amusing but a shopping addiction is something that requires treatment. If you have a problem with binge shopping, you know it needs to stop. Some joke about being a shopaholic but in reality, this can be a very serious compulsion that can ruin your financial situation and important relationships.


Signs of a compulsive shopping disorder can include:

  • Shopping when you are depressed, to feel better
  • Buying things you cannot afford
  • Buying things you don’t need
  • Feeling guilty or feelings of self-loathing before or after shopping
  • Hiding your shopping habit from others, such as your family
  • Becoming defensive or hostile when people mention how often you shop or how much you buy
  • Neglecting work, social and family commitments in favor of going shopping


Stopping compulsive shopping on your own can be very difficult. The cost is high, though. Draining your savings account, buying on credit, keeping secrets from your husband or wife, and shopping when you could be doing other things will have negative consequences.

Hypnotherapy with Hypnobalancing™ can help you overcome compulsive shopping disorder, also known as oniomania. We possess the skills and tools that can help you overcome your addiction to buying too much. Working with a skilled therapist provides you access to various treatment methods including hypnotherapy, Hypnobalancing™, Energy Psychology, NLP and other methods.

Well-intentioned family and friends sometimes tell people who have a shopping addiction that they simply need to budget better, or otherwise not to take the problem so seriously. But I understand that the compulsion to shop is more about something other than what it appears to be about, and using willpower alone, while admirable, is rarely effective in the long term. Regardless of what advice others offer if you want to work and better decisions and healthy habits, I can help you.

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